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Jon grew up in St. Helens as the son of a former park ranger mom and a zookeeper/ outdoorsman dad. They introduced him to a love of nature and concern for its conservation. He has been hiking and searching for wildlife for over 35 years, teaching science formally and informally for 23 years, and systematically surveying and studying reptiles and amphibians for the last 17 years. A former North American Field Herping Association Member of the Year, Jon supports ongoing projects in Bangladesh, India, Philippines, Thailand, and the USA through herpetological surveying and public outreach.

Rose is Jon’s partner in this work and all of life. Originally an aerospace engineer in southern California, Rosey left engineering in order to counsel and mentor young girls growing up in difficult situations. She loves hiking, spending time in nature, and handling snakes that don’t musk on your hands.

Sophia is the newest member of the household. She always wants to go outdoors, thinks that holding little creatures is a delight, and can name hundreds of animals including the “nek!” she’s pointing at. We’re trying to expose her to clean air and the peace and beauty of nature as often as possible.

(Her big sister, Chhaya, loves her family but doesn’t need to have her pictures in the hiking blog.)

Matt D'Agrosa scappoose columbia county oregon

Matt D’Agrosa is Jon’s best friend going back 30 years to when he first moved to Warren. Matt is a Wildlife Surveyor/ Environmental Scientist specializing in the fauna of old growth groves including spotted owls, marbled murrelets, red tree voles, amphibians, and terrestrial mollusks. Matt has a passionate (he would say spiritual) connection to the forests and cares to see them and their wildlife preserved for future generations. He now lives in the Scappoose backcountry.

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