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An eventful backcountry waterfall hike

Some time ago, Jon and I lumbered through the wilderness to reach one of the highest and most unique waterfalls in Columbia County. The off-trail route was steeped in bushwacking and a steady drumbeat of wildlife sightings, including the coolest shed elk antler we’ve ever found. Unfortunately, the property status has changed and the falls…

An oral history of the resurrection of Fox Creek

Fox Creek’s fish have had a rough time. Salmon once ran here in good numbers, laying their “redds” of eggs throughout the stream. When Charles E. Fox and company broke ground on Rainier in 1851, the first industry was a fish house at the mouth of Fox Creek. Workers packed barrels with salted salmon and…

Be on the lookout for these special reptiles

You may have noticed that snakes, turtles, lizards, and frogs are all out right now. There are several rare species in our county that we would love for you keep an eye out for. Sighting any of these, especially with a picture, would be a huge help for our study of reptiles and amphibians in…

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Do you see frogs, salamanders, turtles, lizards, or snakes? Take a picture and then upload to our iNaturalist herpetology project to track these creatures! More detailed information on submitting your photos can be found in the Columbia County Reptiles and Amphibians main page or the How to Enter Data post.

Columbia County Reptiles and Amphibians oregon

Visit the Friends of Liberty Hill website or their Facebook page to learn about this unique meadow and what we can do to save it for our community.

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