Notable hiking, camping, and wildlife viewing spots

Columbia County, Oregon

Columbia County Hiking, Camping, and Wildlife Viewing Map

Clatskanie area

gnat creek trail barrier falls clatskanie oregon

Gnat Creek Trail: Campground, hatchery, and streamside trail that winds through relatively undisturbed forest. Gnat Creek Overview
Introducing kids to “herping” at Gnat Creek

scout lake clatskanie oregon columbia county

Scout Lake: A sometimes-stocked lake tucked back into the forest with primitive camping. Scout Lake Overview

Jones Beach clatskanie fishing columbia river county northwest oregon

Jones Beach: An extended beach with kiteboarding and fishing opportunities. Jones Beach Overview

beaver creek falls rainier oregon

Beaver Falls: Short, steep hike down to an impressive falls. Beaver Falls Overview
Waterfall page: Beaver Falls

Rainier area

Hudson-Parcher County Park campsite campground Rainier Oregon Columbia County

Hudson-Parcher County Park: A campground in forest with creek. Hudson-Parcher Park Overview

fox creek trail rainier oregon columbia county

Fox Creek Trail: A nature trail around a reclaimed city creek. Fox Creek Trail Overview

Rainier Riverfront Park Columbia County city Rainier Oregon

Rainier Riverfront Park: City park bordering a reclaimed city creek. Rainier Riverfront Park Overview
What happened to Laurel Beach Park?

Dibblee Beach County Park Dibblees Columbia Northwest Oregon

Dibblee Beach County Park: A riverside beach park for fishing and picnics. Dibblee Beach Park Overview

Prescott Beach County Park Columbia River Rainier columbia county

Prescott Beach County Park: A large riverside park with fishing and birdwatching opportunities. Prescott Beach Park Overview
Birdwatching at Carr Slough and Prescott Beach

trojan park nuclear power plant great blue heron rainier oregon

Trojan Park: Series of lakes in a manicured park with birdwatching opportunities. Trojan Park Overview
4-H outing to Trojan Park and Welter Cemetery

St. Helens area

trestle beach st. helens oregon

Trestle Beach: Public beach on the Columbia River, accessed by a short trail. Trestle Beach Overview

dalton lake nature preserve st. helens columbia city bike trail oregon

Dalton Lake Nature Preserve: A bike trail through urban forest which connects to a path around a beaver lake. Dalton Lake Overview
Dalton Lake nostalgia

columbia nature trail columbia botanical gardens st. helens oregon

Columbia Botanical Gardens: A short nature trail through a patch of forest in the middle of town. Columbia Botanical Gardens Overview

liberty hill camas bluff columbia county oregon

Liberty Hill Camas Bluff: A privately owned bluff holding the largest remaining camas flower meadow in Columbia County. Friends of Liberty Hill Camas Bluff
Stepping foot on Liberty Hill
What makes Liberty Hill special

sand island marine park campground st. helens oregon columbia river

Sand Island Marine Park: A man-made island in the Columbia River with a marina and campground. Sand Island Marine Park Overview

nob hill nature park st. helens oregon columbia county

Nob Hill Nature Park: A short nature trail that preserves some oak woodland. Nob Hill Overview
Fall Walk at Nob Hill Nature Park

mccormick park mcnulty creek st. helens oregon

McCormick Park: A pleasingly wild city park with a creek and walking trail. McCormick Park Overview.
Walking local on cold and rainy days

Interior Columbia County

Salmonberry Reservoir St. Helens Tree Farm Columbia County Oregon

St. Helens Tree Farm and Salmonberry Reservoir: A quiet lake in forested hills with logging roads to hike. St. Helens Tree Farm Overview
Morning stroll around Salmonberry Reservoir
New possibilities for Salmonberry Lake

Camp Wilkerson columbia county oregon

Camp Wilkerson: Large campground in the forest with miles of hiking trails. Camp Wilkerson Overview

Scaponia park scapppoose vernonia highway cz trail columbia county oregon

Scaponia Park: Developed campground on the East Fork Nehalem River just off of the CZ Trail. Scaponia Park Overview

cz trail crown zellerbach vernonia pittsburg oregon wilark trailhead

CZ Trail – Nehalem Divide to Wilark Trailhead: The remote segment of Columbia County’s longest trail. CZ Trail: Nehalem Divide to Wilark Trailhead Overview
Nehalem Divide on the CZ Trail

big eddy park vernonia nehalem river columbia county oregon

Big Eddy Park: Developed campground on the Nehalem River just off of Highway 47. Big Eddy Park Overview

gunners lakes scappoose vernonia columbia county

Gunners Lakes: A trio of lakes in a backwoods area of southern Columbia County. Gunners Lakes Overview

Vernonia area

Vernonia Lake Columbia County Oregon

Vernonia Lake City Park: City park with large lake and walking trail. Vernonia Lake City Park Overview

Holce Trailhead to Wilark Trailhead CZ Trail Crown Zellerbach Trail

CZ Trail – Holce Trailhead to Wilark Trailhead: Less trafficked section of Crown Z through quiet hill forest. CZ Trail: Holce Trailhead to Wilark Trailhead Overview
The final stretch of the CZ Trail

Anderson Park: City park and campground with stream and river access. Connected to Banks-Vernonia State Trail. Anderson Park Overview

nehalem river park and campground campsite

Nehalem River Park and Campground: City park and campground with river access. Nehalem River Park Overview

Banks-Vernonia Trail forest columbia county oregon

Banks-Vernonia State Trail: Columbia County’s other big trail, south along Highway 47 from Vernonia. Banks-Vernonia Trail Overview
Long hike with Sophia on Banks-Vernonia

Four County Point Trail northwest oregon

Four County Point Trail: A short trail that marks the point where four counties meet. Four County Point Trail Overview
A pleasant little trail in the corner of the county

Scappoose area

scappoose bay marina marine park oregon

Scappoose Bay Marine Park: Public marina with a nature trail, campground, and boating. Scappoose Bay Marine Park Overview

crown z cz trail scappoose chapman landing oregon

CZ Trail – Trtek Trailhead to Chapman Landing: The east end of Crown Z, includes marshes with birdwatching. CZ Trail: Chapman Landing Overview
Trtek Trailhead to Chapman Landing
Wildlife of the CZ Trail – Scappoose Bottoms

Matt D'Agrosa at Santosh Wildlife Area CalPortland Scappoose Columbia County

Santosh Wildlife Area: A lake with some birding. Santosh Wildlife Area Overview
Birding at Santosh Wildlife Area and Honeyman Road

cz trail crown z nehalem divide trailhead to wilark vernonia pittsburgh oregon

CZ Trail – Pisgah Trailhead to Ruley Trailhead: Columbia County’s longest trail parallels a creek. CZ Trail: Pisgah Trailhead to Ruley Trailhead Overview
Family hike from Ruley Trailhead
Cool geology along Crown Zellerbach Trail
Bonnie Falls – the waterfall

Sauvie Island

Sauvie Island Mt. St. Helens Bald Eagle Wildlife Area Westside Unit Columbia County Oregon

Sauvie Island Westside Unit: An array of waterways with trails, birdwatching and fishing. Sauvie Island Westside Unit Overview
Walking Sauvie Island’s Westside

Oak Island Nature Trail: A nature trail on Sauvie Island with many birdwatching opportunities. Oak Island Nature Trail Overview

Willow Bar Islands hike Sauvie Island Columbia County

Willow Bar Islands Trail: A short riverside trail on Sauvie Island. Willow Bar Islands Trail Overview
Winter stroll at Sauvie Island

Warrior Point Trail: A longer trail on the northern tip of Sauvie Island that ends at a lighthouse. Warrior Point Trail Overview
Winter stroll at Sauvie Island

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