Waterfalls of Northwest Oregon

Waterfalls of Columbia County northwest oregon beaver falls tide creek little jack bonnie carcus lava keasey
Some of the major named falls we’ve seen in Columbia County

Safety comes first. Falls from heights are our greatest natural danger, killing more hikers than heat exhaustion, hypothermia, lightning, or wild animals. Our beautiful waterfalls bring the possibility of broken bones and severe head injuries. Jonathan has personal experience with people getting hurt and killed on waterfalls, so please take this seriously.

Always visit remote falls with a hiking partner. If you want to get close, approach from the bottom, not the top. Don’t cross the stream or go off-trail while above the waterfall. Don’t take photos from over the waterfall’s edge – those photographs are rarely interesting outside of the vain attempt of the photographer to show off how “edgy” they are.

That being said, waterfalls can be explored safely, and it leads to rewarding hikes and beautiful sights. On to the falls! Click on the photo or name to get more pictures and complete information on each waterfall.

Waterfalls of Columbia County

Finding your own little falls

Exploring the outdoors can lead to unexpected discoveries. One of our favorites is when a tiny waterfall pops up out of nowhere. These little falls might not have earned a name, but they still bring joy. Spend enough time hiking new spots and you might find your own secret waterfalls!

Happy hunting!

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