2022 Wildlife Photos

2022 wildlife photos columbia county

Just a little compilation of some of the wildlife photos that Matt, Jon, and Luke took in Columbia County this year. Enjoy!

Northern Pygmy Owl raids a feeder and snags an Oregon Junco. Anna’s Hummingbird, concerned onlooker, in the background. (Matt)
Long-toed Salamander found on a lovely spring day at Liberty Hill (Luke)

Note – The Liberty Hill depicted in the above photo is once again in danger of being destroyed for the purposes of commercial crushed rock. More information on what makes Liberty Hill special and how to respond can be found in the following post:


Bald Eagles think they’re posing for a painting even when perched in a clearcut (Jon)
Red-spotted Garter Snake gets his close-up (Luke)
Porcupine sees me and starts to get his hackles up (Jon)
Western Tanager about to eat a stink bug, they love’em (Matt)
Columbia Torrent Salamander as found on a remote stream (Jon)
Coyote stare down (Matt)
Northern Alligator Lizards don’t have the most pleasant means of initiating a relationship (Luke)
Crown Zellerbach: multi-species use trail (Matt)
Common Goldeneye taking off from the Columbia at Prescott Beach (Jon)
Northern Rubber Boa and her beady little eyes (Luke)
Yellow-bordered Taildropper proving that even the right slug can have appeal (Jon)
Columbian White-tailed Deer frames itself near Rainier (Matt)
I saw this exact juvenile skink 8 times last year. Feels like I’ve been able to watch him grow up. (Jon)

(This skink was also found at Liberty Hill)

My songbird photography doesn’t deserve a blown-up shot, so I combined four pictures. Indigo Bunting, Black-headed Grosbeak, Hermit Warbler, and Warbling Vireo (Jon)
Columbia Torrent Salamander clings to the side of a spring (Luke)
The piercing red eyes of a Spotted Towhee search for food (Matt)
Coastal Giant Salamander in its rarely-seen adult form (Jon)
Belted Kingfisher braves the ice storm (Luke)
While some California Quail try to hunker down (Luke)
And a Varied Thrush practices his ice skating (Luke)

Thanks for taking a look, and may you have a blessed 2023!

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  1. Thank you for these wonderful photos-some amazing finds! And thank you for sharing the Liberty Hill update. Deadline to comment is soon, January 15.

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