Beaver Creek Falls Overview

  • Beaver Creek Falls columbia county oregon
  • Dunn's Salamander Beaver Creek Falls columbia county oregon
  • Dromedary Jumping Slug Beaver Creek Falls columbia county oregon

Beaver Creek Falls has a short trail down to a very impressive waterfall within moist coastal coniferous forest. On summer weekends it can get crowded with swimmers and parties.

Beaver Creek Falls at a glance

What: waterfall, stream

Waterfall pages: Beaver Falls and Upper Beaver Falls

Where: Trailhead is on an unmarked turnoff 3.6 miles down Beaver Falls Road from Highway 30 at 46.10394, -123.1298.

Directions to Beaver Falls Trailhead
Directions to Beaver Falls (click here for Google maps directions)

Hiking: Just 0.7 miles round-trip with a fairly steep drop into the gully. For more specific information check out Beaver Creek Falls at Oregon Hikers.

Camping: none

Notable Wildlife: stream amphibians, terrestrial mollusks

Property status: Columbia County Parks (considered an unimproved park)

Website: Beaver Falls Facebook Page

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