Gnat Creek Overview

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  • Gnat Creek Campground clatskanie oregon
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  • Gnat Creek trail clatskanie oregon

Gnat Creek is a campground, fish hatchery, nature trail, and hiking trail along a wild stream in a relatively older section of the Clatsop State Forest.

Gnat Creek at a glance

What: hiking, camping, fish hatchery, waterfall

Trip Reports: Family hike at Gnat Creek

Where: The trailhead at Gnat Creek Hatchery (46.16918, -123.48801) is on the south side of Hwy 30 just over 15 miles west of Clatskanie, while the trailhead at Gnat Creek Campground (46.17728, -123.50193) is another mile west on the north side of the road.

Hiking: Eight miles total out-and-back if all the trails are taken. It is 2.5 miles out-and-back from the campground to the hatchery, another 1.5 miles of nature trail looping around the hatchery, and a little over 4 miles to go out-and-back along the stream. For more specific information check out Gnat Creek Hike at Oregon Hikers.

Camping: Four primitive campsites maintained by the Department of Forestry.

Notable Wildlife: Roosevelt Elk, Belted Kingfisher, American Dipper, Steelhead, Chinook Salmon, stream amphibians

Property status: Clatsop State Forest

Website: Department of Forestry: Gnat Creek Trail Guide
Department of Fish and Wildlife: Gnat Creek Hatchery Visitor’s Guide

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2 thoughts on “Gnat Creek Overview

    1. Salmon, steelhead, and trout fishing are allowed on the creek. I can’t tell you how good the runs are nowadays, but I know there was a time when people used to like the hatchery salmon/steelhead fishing there.


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