McCormick Park Overview

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McCormick Park is a large city park with playing fields and an exercise trail as well as some oak woodland and a good-sized natural stream with surrounding mixed forest.

McCormick Park at a glance

What: city park, stream, nature trail, exercise circuit, birdwatching

Trip Reports: Walking McCormick Park on a cold and rainy day

Where: In St. Helens turn east off Highway 30 onto Gable Road, then left onto 18th Street until you reach 475 South 18th Street (45.8529, -122.8148).

McCormick Park directions map St. Helens Oregon Columbia County

Hiking: 2.3 miles of looped nature trail / walking path / exercise circuit. A map can be seen here.

Camping: None

Notable Wildlife: woodpeckers, warblers, vireos, flycatchers, Northern Red-legged Frog, garter snakes

Property status: City of St. Helens

Website: City of St. Helens: McCormick Park

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