Mayfly Falls

Mayfly Falls West Fork Carcus Creek apiary columbia county oregon
Mayfly Falls

Height and type: 60-80 foot horsetail falls, possibly seasonal.

Water body: West Fork Carcus Creek

Access: There is no direct route accessible to the public. We found it after 5 miles of hiking on various logging properties with a significant amount of off-road bushwacking to make connections. Do not attempt unless you are with a partner, have good maps, and are experienced in off-trail navigation. The final approach was a 400+ foot bushwacking descent on a steep slope and there was no phone reception if you got yourself into trouble.

Property status: The falls are on private logging land but they allow walk-in access with permits.

Notable Wildlife: roosevelt elk, american dippers, stream amphibians

Interesting History: As is visible on satillite maps, the forest has been clearcut to within 20 or so yards of the creek below the waterfall and all the way up to the creek above it. As a result, the creek is quite silty and uncondusive to aquatic life. Oregon historically has had the most lax logging buffer regulations for its streams, but in 2022 the Oregon Private Forest Accord was signed into law, extending the buffer distance along streams within which logging cannot occur. Further details of the Private Forest Accord can be found in this pdf, or in this much longer report here.

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