Doves and Pigeons of Columbia County, Oregon

We only have two native species, the Band-tailed Pigeon and the Mourning Dove. Two other invasive species have established themselves.

Rock Pigeon – Gray lower body with dark bars on wings, dark beak and maroon feet. Introduced from Europe and very common in cities and agricultural areas. (photo © Patricia)
band-tailed pigeon oregon columbia county
Band-tailed Pigeon – Large gray pigeon with a distinct white collar on the back of the neck and a bi-colored tail. Nests in forested areas from the west side of the Cascades into our region. (photo © dedrekan)
mourning dove oregon columbia county
Mourning Dove – Smallish brown dove with a pointed tail. Bill is dark and feet are red. Tends to prefer open areas, including farmland. (photo © Andy Frank)
eurasian collared dove oregon columbia county
Eurasian Collared Dove – Smaller than Band-tailed Pigeon. Dark bill, black crescent on neck rather than white, and maroon feet. Originally from India but now introduced widely. (photo © Patty Teague)

Also seen passing through Columbia County on very rare occasions is the White-winged Dove.

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