Game Birds of Columbia County, Oregon

Game birds include grouse, quail, pheasant, and turkey.

Ruffed Grouse – The smaller of our grouse. Its tendency to remain within thick vegetation and well-camouflaged pattern allow it to hide well in its forest habitat. (photo © Ken Chamberlain)
Sooty Grouse oregon columbia county
Sooty Grouse – Our larger grouse, lacking the crest, black bars on the breast/side, and black band on the tail. Found in coniferous forest edges. (photo © Jeff Harding)
California Quail oregon columbia county
California Quail – Beautiful quail with the curving black teardrop plume on the head. Our easiest game bird to see, sometimes wandering into yards in town. (photo © Mark Nikas)
Mountain Quail oregon columbia county
Mountain Quail – Plumes rise straight up, gray on top of head instead of brown, and no scalelike pattern on neck. Found only at our highest hill elevations. (photo © Kyle Nessen)
Ring-necked Pheasant oregon columbia county
Ring-necked Pheasant – The female differs from local grouse in the longer neck and tail and presence in fields rather than forest. A non-native species introduced from China. (photo © jacqui-nz)
wild turkey oregon columbia county
Wild Turkey – Unmistakable in both size and appearance. Introduced to Oregon from the midwest, population density in our part of the state is very low. (photo © Sandy Bauerschmidt)

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