Pelicans and Cormorants of Columbia County, Oregon

Pelicans and cormorants are the dock predators of the bird family, drying their wings perched on piers and other heights, then diving down into the water for their fish prey. Only three species are seen here.

American White Pelican – The only inland-breeding pelican here, typically breeds in lakes to the east and south but seen along the Columbia in transit. (photo © Dan Fitzgerald)
California Brown Pelican – White head and brown body, without the black wingtips of the American White Pelican. A coastal species which is almost never seen in our area. (photo © Patty Teague)
Double-crested Cormorant – Our only inland cormorant species, quite common along the Columbia. Its “double crests” only appear in breeding season. (photo © Patty Teague)

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