Warblers of Columbia County, Oregon

Warblers are small, colorful insectivores which are usually found in trees.

Yellow-breasted Chat northwest oregon columbia county
Yellow-breasted Chat – Far larger than true warblers. Has white eyering, eyestripe, and “mustache”. Found in riparian thickets. Is a Sensitive Species in our area. (photo © cgates326)
Nashville Warbler northwest oregon columbia county
Nashville Warbler – Gray head with white eyering. Yellow throat. No bars on wings. Found in dry areas with brush or dense undergrowth. Rarely seen in our region. (photo © Peter Olsoy)
McGillivray's Warbler northwest oregon columbia county
MacGillivray’s Warbler – Males have dark grey heads, females lighter. Both sexes have grey throats and white eye crescents. Found in riparian thickets and clearcuts. (photo © Curtis Mahon)

Common Yellowthroat male female northwest oregon columbia county
Common Yellowthroat– Males have black mask with white above; females have brown head. Both have yellow throat and brownish belly. Found in wetlands with sufficient cover. (photo © bwood708)
Orange-crowned Warbler northwest oregon columbia county
Orange-crowned Warbler – Generally olive-yellow including belly. Note partial white eyering and pointed bill. Orange crown often missing or hidden. (photo © Patty Teague)
Wilson's Warbler northwest oregon columbia county
Wilson’s Warbler – Bright yellow from face to belly; greenish above. Black cap on males. Lacks the Yellow Warbler’s yellow lines on the wings. Found in dense shrubgrowth or understory. (photo © Noah Strycker)
Yellow Warbler northwest oregon columbia county
Yellow Warbler – Both sexes are yellow, though males more uniformly bright yellow than females. Generally a riparian species, especially preferring willow. (photo © Kyle Tansley)
Hermit Warbler northwest oregon columbia county
Hermit Warbler – Yellow head. Black cap and chin in males; olive cap with yellow chin in females. Found in the high canopy of fir and Douglas fir forest. (photo © rwgaebel)

Townsend's Warbler northwest oregon columbia county
Townsend’s Warbler – Dark eyepatch and yellow breast differs from Hermit Warbler. Found in coniferous forest. Only winters in our county. (photo © Ken Chamberlain)
Yellow-rumped Warbler northwest oregon columbia county
Yellow-rumped (Audubon’s) Warbler – Gray with yellow cap, throat, side, and rump patches. No yellow breast/belly. Uses diverse habitat. Is one of just two warbler species to winter here. (photo © cgates326)
Black-throated Gray Warbler northwest oregon columbia county
Black-throated Gray Warbler – Black cap, eyestripe, and throat with yellow spot in front of eye. Found in deciduous and mixed forest. Like most warblers, only summers here. (photo © lauralh)
Black-and-white Warbler northwest oregon columbia county
Black-and-White Warbler – Lack yellow spot and have streakier back than Black-throated Gray Warbler. Forest species that very rarely visits our region. (photo © Ken Chamberlain)
Northern Waterthrush northwest oregon columbia county
Northern Waterthrush – Brown with pale eyebrow. Cream below with dark streaks. Riparian species that usually breeds further north, rarely visits our area. (photo © Wayne Fidler)

Another species very rarely seen in our area is the Palm Warbler

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