Earwigs of Columbia County, Oregon

Earwigs are dark slender insects with short wings towards the front and a conspicuous set of “pinchers” at the rear. They are most closely related to stick insects and grasshoppers. Earwigs are found in moist regions such as gardens and basements, typically hiding under cover. They eat plants, fruit, and smaller insects.

European Earwig Forficula auricularia northwest oregon columbia county
European Earwig (Forficula auricularia) – Brownish wings and ruddy-brown body without stripes. Legs are light brown and lack dark striping. Introduced from Eurasia. (photo © Thomas J. Bright)
Ring-legged Earwig (Euborellia annulipes) – A dark wingless earwig. Legs are yellowish with brown rings. Tends to prefer warmer temperatures. Introduced from Europe. (photo © Kyle C. Elshoff)

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