Mantises of Columbia County, Oregon

Mantises or Mantids, often called “Praying Mantis” for the manner in which they hold their legs, are long-necked predatory insects with notable “pincher” front legs adapted to catching and holding food. They are most closely related to termites and cockroaches. Generally occurring in warmer climates, we have no native mantises, but do see species introduced for the purpose of pest control.

European Mantis Mantis religiosa columbia county northwest oregon
European Mantis (Mantis religiosa) – To 4″ long. Green, yellow, or brown, identified by a notable white-in-black “bullseye” marking on the upper inner pincher arm. Introduced from Europe. (photo © Matt Hunter)
Chinese Mantis Tenodera sinensis
Chinese Mantis (Tenodera sinensis) – To 5″ long. Brown to green with wings that extend beyond the abdomen. Missing the “bullseye” marking on the upper inner pincher arm. Introduced from Asia. (photo © Finn James)

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