Do you want to survey turtles with us?

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Wild Columbia is working together with the Oregon Native Turtle Working Group and Scappoose Bay Watershed Council to organize turtle surveys this spring and summer. We’re trying to survey every potential water body in Columbia County. Do you want to help?

To volunteer, you have to attend a training day. The first one will be next Tuesday, April 12, at 1:30pm on Wednesday, April 20, at Trojan Park. Register at this EventBrite link to attend:

Volunteers will commit to visiting a potential turtle locality for 30 minutes on three different occasions during ideal conditions (between 10am and 4pm when it is 65-75 degrees air temperature). There are both land-based survey locations and boat-based survey locations available. If you are careful, attentive, enjoy being outdoors, and want to support your local wildlife, this is a great opportunity!

For those people who can’t make the training day, just leave a message on this post or use the contact form on the site to let us know, and we’ll schedule a 2nd training day to fit your needs.

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3 thoughts on “Do you want to survey turtles with us?

  1. I am local to Columbia County, a recently retired nurse. I am very interested in becoming a volunteer for this project. I am having some trouble navigating this site to find the sign up site? Operator error… I am sure! So I am starting here.


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