Family hike from Pisgah Trailhead

crown zellerbach CZ Trail from Pisgah Trailhead scappoose oregon

The Pisgah Trailhead of the Crown Z Trail might not have the marshes, birding, and wildlife of the trail to the east, or the forest solitude and geological wonders of the trail to the west, but….it’s there. So last year on the first day of spring, my family went on a walk from Pisgah to Scappoose and back.

The parking lot for Pisgah is substantial.

Parking lot at Pisgah Trailhead

Usually if we start at Pisgah we would prefer to head west, the direction of the better forest and stream views. But just to be different we headed east towards town this time. Scenery is a bit more developed, but peaceful.

crown zellerbach CZ Trail from Pisgah Trailhead scappoose oregon
Rosey, Sophia, and both my parents were along
If you’re biking then remember this is very much a trail, not a road

There are plenty of creek crossings, with North Scappoose Creek, South Scappoose Creek, and Alder Creek all crossing under the path.

North Scappoose Creek
South Scappoose Creek pisgah trail cz oregon
South Scappoose Creek

Near the turnaround we had the surprise of the day – a pair of American Dippers! These fascinating little birds tend to frequent more remote water bodies with rapids, so it was interesting to see them in water so close to town.

Other birds were around as well, though the species numbers were nowhere near what you see off of Trtek or Chapman Landing trailheads on the opposite side of Highway 30.

Just under two miles from our starting point, we reached the highway. There is a kiosk set up here, but no parking. It’s basically the starting point if you’re walking/bike riding the trail from town.

scapppoose crown zellerbach CZ Trail from Pisgah Trailhead scappoose oregon
This is right where the Scappoose-Vernonia Highway meets Highway 30
crown zellerbach CZ Trail from Pisgah Trailhead scappoose oregon
Sophia definitely enjoyed herself

The return leg was as casual as the walk down. Just took our time, enjoying the breeze.

I’m having a hard time coming up with much to say about the Pisgah-to-Scappoose leg of the Crown Z Trail. But if you are in Scappoose and don’t have transportation to get any further out, it’s not a bad way to get a little exercise and fresh air.

Pisgah Trailhead to Scappoose at a glance

What: hiking

Where: Pisgah Trailhead (45.7837, -122.9031) is on Scappoose-Vernonia Highway 1.7 miles west of Hwy 30, on the right just past Wikstrom Road.

CZ Crown Z Trail Pisgah Bonnie Falls Ruley Trailhead Columbia County Oregon Scappoose
Map to Pisgah, Bonnie Falls, and Ruley Trailheads (click here for Google Maps directions)

Hiking: 3.8 miles round trip from Pisgah Trailhead to Highway 30 and back.

Part of the 22-mile long CZ Trail, with another 2.6 miles to get from Pisgah Trailhead to Bonnie Falls Trailhead.

Camping: none

Notable Wildlife: common birds

Property status: Columbia County Parks

Website: Crown Z Trail official site
Friends of CZ Linear Park Trail

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  1. I love that I got this email! Thanks for the info and idea! I want more! What about dogs? And can your describe the experience of a walk at Ruley Park?


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