CZ Trail: Holce Trailhead to Wilark Trailhead overview

  • Wilark Trailhead cz trail crown zellerbach columbia county oregon
  • Wilark Elk Creek CZ Trail Crown Zellerbach Columbia County Oregon
  • CZ Trail between Wilark and Holce Crown zellerbach columbia county oregon
  • holce trailhead clearcut cz trail crown zellerbach vernonia columbia county oregon
  • Holce Trailhead cz trail crown zellerbach columbia county oregon

The Holce Trailhead to Wilark Trailhead segment is the quietest portion of the Crown Zellerbach (Crown Z) Trail and the only one that doesn’t roughly parallel Scappoose-Vernonia Highway. It passes almost entirely through hill forest, gaining approximately 500′ near the beginning of each end of the trail.

Holce Trailhead to Wilark Trailhead at a glance

What: hiking, wildlife viewing, birdwatching

Trip Reports: The Final Stretch of the CZ Trail

Where: Holce Trailhead (45.86677, -123.16072) is at the end of E Knott Street, off Hwy 47 just 0.6 miles north of Vernonia.

Wilark Trailhead (45.83151, -123.04645) is just off of Scappoose-Vernonia Highway 16.9 miles west of Hwy 30 in Scappoose or 3.1 miles east of Hwy 47 at Pittsburg.

Holce Trailhead Wilark CZ Crown Zellerbach Trail Columbia County oregon
Map to Wilark Trailhead and Holce Trailhead (click here for Google Maps directions)

Hiking: 5.2 miles round trip

Part of the 22-mile long CZ Trail, with another 2.5 miles southeast from Wilark Trailhead to reach Floater Trailhead. Approximately a mile of road walking from Holce Trailhead will get you to Vernonia Lake, from which you can walk the 21-mile Banks-Vernonia Trail.

Camping: None

Notable Wildlife: Roosevelt Elk, forest songbirds, Pacific Banana Slugs

Property status: Columbia County Parks

Website: Crown Z Trail official site
Friends of CZ Linear Park Trail

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