Apiary Slide Falls

apiary Slide falls tide creek weyerhaeuser meissner columbia county northwest oregon
Apiary Slide Falls in January

Height and type: 40-foot cascade falls

Water body: unnamed tributary of Tide Creek

Access: Parking is at the Weyerhaeuser access point on Apiary just north of the intersection with Meissner. From there it is ~2.5 miles to hike to the falls via logging roads. The road passes just upstream of the top of the falls, but best access to the bottom of the falls is via a game trail that starts along the road somewhat southwest of the creek crossing.

Trip Reports: Youtube video: Waterfalls and Salamanders

Property status: Weyerhaeuser permit land – only persons with Weyerhaeuser permits can access

Notable Wildlife: woodland salamanders, aquatic isopods

Interesting History: None known. A rope I found leading to the bottom of the falls was the only evidence that someone had been there before us.

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