Clandestine Falls

Clandestine Falls Delana North Fork Clatskanie River Columbia County Northwest Oregon
Clandestine Falls as we first found it

Height and type: 30-foot horsetail falls, with a 6-foot lower falls below it.

Water body: An unnamed tributary of the North Fork Clatskanie River.

Access: There is no direct route accessible to the public. We found it after 4 miles of hiking on various logging properties with a significant amount of off-road bushwhacking to make connections. Do not attempt unless you are with a partner, have good maps, and are experienced in off-trail navigation. One portion included a 200+ foot descent off-trail on a steep slope and there was no phone reception if you got yourself into trouble.

Trip Reports: Finding a Hidden Unknown Waterfall

Property status: The falls are on private logging land but they allow walk-in access.

Notable Wildlife: Roosevelt elk, American dipper, stream amphibians, coho salmon

Interesting History: The North Fork Clatskanie River is critical habitat for endangered runs of the Coho Salmon. While we were there we saw evidence of previous salmon counts and came across a dead salmon.

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