Clandestine Falls

Doe Falls Delana North Fork Clatskanie River Columbia County Northwest Oregon
Clandestine Falls as we first found it

Height and type: 30-foot horsetail falls, with a 6-foot lower falls just below it.

Water body: An unnamed tributary of the North Fork Clatskanie River.

Access: There is no direct route accessible to the public. We found it after 4 miles of hiking on various logging properties with a significant amount of off-road bushwacking to make connections. Do not attempt unless you are with a partner, have good maps, and are experienced in off-trail navigation. One portion included a 200+ foot descent off-trail on a steep slope and there was no phone reception if you got yourself into trouble.

Trip Reports: Finding a Hidden Unknown Waterfall

Property status: The falls are on private logging land but they allow walk-in access.

Notable Wildlife: roosevelt elk, american dippers, stream amphibians, coho salmon

Interesting History: The North Fork Clatskanie River is considered critical habitat for endangered runs of the Coho Salmon. While we were there we saw evidence of salmon counts that had been undertaken and even came across a long dead salmon.

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