Fall Creek Falls

lower falls spring Fall Creek Falls clakskanie oregon highway 30
Fall Creek Falls, showing the lower falls in late spring with vegetation lush and water low

Height and type: Three-stage falls that drops approximately 60 feet in total. The lower falls is ~15 feet high.

Water body: Fall Creek, a tributary of the Clatskanie River

Access: The property is not open to the public, but there may be a public creek trail opened up at some point in the future. For now you can only access the waterfalls with the explicit permission of the landowner and trespassers will be treated as such.

Property status: Private. More information can be found at https://fallcreek.love/

Notable Wildlife: Belted Kingfisher, woodland salamanders

Interesting History: The old Columbia River Highway used to pass over a trestle bridge on Fall Creek close to where the baseball dugout is today. Recreating the Columbia River Highway has pictures of remnants of the bridge and remaining segments of the old highway.

Fall Creek may have been used to power a mill and lower town theater in Clatskanie in the 1920s. More information and a fascinating historic relict can be seen at Aspen Fall’s blog post on Water and Wood.

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2 thoughts on “Fall Creek Falls

  1. Hi, I am the owner of this property and it is now Fall Creek Preserve. This property has never been publicly accessible and access is restricted. Please update so people are not trespassing on private land – without approval from the caretaker (Aspen) you will be considered trespassing. You can learn more about the property at http://www.fallcreek.love


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