Keasey Falls

Keasey Falls waterfall Fall creek near rock creek Vernonia Columbia County Northwest Oregon
Keasey Falls in November

Height and type: A 10-foot segmented cascade falls.

Water body: Fall Creek, a tributary of Rock Creek

Access: The falls are found near the end of Keasey Road north of Vernonia. The approach to the falls from the road is private land and should not be entered.

Property status: private

Notable Wildlife: terrestrial mollusks, freshwater mollusks

Interesting History: Keasey was an old logging community founded in the 19th century. It once had huge log yards, a railroad station, and its own post office. Thousands of photos of the activity are found in this archive. The area fell off rapidly in the late 1950s when the railroad (and thus all other institutions) closed down.

Some have noticed that an old trestle from the railroad was still visible recently, though when we were there we only saw trestles lying on the ground.

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