Little Jack Falls

Little Jack Falls waterfall prescott rainier goble columbia county northwest oregon highway
Little Jack Falls from the Old Columbia River Highway approach

Height and type: 75 feet of cascade falls with one large 30-foot drop.

Water body: The stream is called “Little Jack Falls” as well

Access: On Highway 30 about 1 mile north of Graham Road in Prescott there is a turnout on the inland (west) side at 46.060, -122.895. From here you can walk 400 yards south along the highway until you’re able to view the falls. Reaching the falls from there requires an ugly scramble over rocks and through brush.

To get closer, it’s better to turn off onto Little Jack Falls Road to the north and you will almost immediately see the Old Columbia River Highway on your left. Park there and hike along the old highway to the middle of the falls.

Alternatively, you can access the other side of the falls by walking on Old Columbia River Highway from Jack Falls.

Trip Reports: Old Highway 30 and Little Jack Falls
Youtube video: The Historic Columbia River Highway and Jack Falls

Property status: The approach to the falls from below is generally within the highway right-of-way. Above the falls the land is private.

Notable Wildlife: woodland salamanders, northern red-legged frogs

Interesting History: In 1913, work began on the Columbia River Highway. By 1915 it had reached Columbia County, allowing our cities to be connected by automobile. The highway started as a mere graded dirt road, but was paved between 1917 and 1920. The stretch of Columbia River Highway near Prescott passed under both “Jack Falls” and “Little Jack Falls”. This locale became a minor tourist spot due to these falls and great views of the Columbia River, and postcards were made.

Little Jack Falls from old Columbia River Highway rainier prescott goble oregon
Little Jack Falls from old Columbia River Highway
(© CCMA, Columbia Photo Service, Von Smith Collection)

More information and pictures of the highway and old falls, and what became of them, can be found in our post “Old Highway 30 and Little Jack Falls“.

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