Tide Creek Falls

Tide Creek falls waterfall deer island goble columbia county northwest oregon
Tide Creek Falls in November

Height and type: 12-15 foot segmented block falls, with a smaller falls in front

Water body: Tide Creek

Access: There is no current access without the express permission of the property owners. The road approaching the area is a private road for community residents, the land is private, and the land on the other side is now private Weyerhaeuser lease land that can only be entered by the lease holders.

Property status: private

Notable Wildlife: pileated woodpeckers, northern red-legged frogs, woodland salamanders, terrestrial mollusks

Interesting History: In the early 1900s, Tide Creek was a notable community, with its own post office, railway station, and ferry terminal. All of those facilities were well downstream of the falls.

A bridge over Tide Creek built in 1920 for the Columbia River Highway still exists today.

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