CZ Trail: Pisgah Trailhead to Ruley Trailhead Overview

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The Pisgah to Ruley segment of the Crown Zellerbach (Crown Z) Trail offers an casual walk through forest and meadow on a town’s edge, with birdwatching and wildlife viewing opportunities and a stream with fishing and a waterfall.

Pisgah Trailhead to Ruley Trailhead at a glance

What: hiking, birdwatching, wildlife viewing, fishing

Trip Reports: Cool Geology along Crown Zellerbach Trail

Bonnie Falls: Waterfall page

Family walk from Ruley Trailhead

Where: Pisgah Trailhead (45.7837, -122.9031) is on Scappoose-Vernonia Highway 1.7 miles west of Hwy 30, on the right just past Wikstrom Road.

Bonnie Falls Trailhead (45.8086, -122.9380) is 2.6 miles further down on Walker Road on the right, just before it intersects Scappoose-Vernonia Highway.

Ruley Trailhead (45.8250, -122.9665) is 2.1 miles further down on the left-hand side of Scappoose-Vernonia Highway just past Hale Road.

CZ Crown Z Trail Pisgah Bonnie Falls Ruley Trailhead Columbia County Oregon Scappoose
Map to Pisgah, Bonnie Falls, and Ruley Trailheads (click here for Google Maps directions)

Hiking: 9.8 miles round trip, with 2.6 miles to get from Pisgah Trailhead to Bonnie Falls Trailhead and 2.3 miles to get from Bonnie Falls Trailhead to Ruley Trailhead.

Part of the 22-mile long CZ Trail, with another 1.9 miles southeast from Pisgah Trailhead to get to Highway 30 in Scappoose, or 4.4 miles west from Ruley Trailhead to get to the next trailhead at Nehalem Divide.

Camping: none

Notable Wildlife: American Dipper, salmon and trout, salamanders

Property status: Columbia County Parks

Website: Crown Z Trail official site
Friends of CZ Linear Park Trail

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